Anna Mackenzie

Melbourne label PER-TIM is for fresh names and voices different from our own. Their friends are those who chip their teeth on new things and hold each other’s hands tight. These pieces take you around the world, be it across the road or the equator.

Their latest collection ‘United’ is inspired by the love of people and the places they come from. In this campaign we explore themes of nationality, unity and the simple pleasure of having a good time.

Photography by Anna Mackenzie, In collaboration with PER-TIM. United 0105-Recovered copy1.jpg United 0074 copy1.jpg Details 7108 copy.jpg United 6443 copy - JD EDIT1.jpg United 5984 copy copy1.jpg United 6611 copy copy2.jpg Details 7084 copy.jpg United 6598_11 copy.jpg United 0155-Recovered copy copy1.jpg